Monday, 9 February 2015

What you need to know about WordPress premium plugins

A WordPress site is incomplete without the plugins. They are popular because they come at a free of cost and anyone can develop a website by using them. 

A personal website or blogging site may not require to be appealing, though, if you are considering some profit out of it, you must need professional WordPress plugin development services to adjust beautiful WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality and look of your website. Naturally, the WordPress plugins developed by the professionals will not be free and will cost some bucks. In other words, you have to purchase them before installing. Here are some reason who you should go for premium WordPress plugin development services-
  • A single premium plugin is developed out of great effort on the part of developers and it costs high. The designers create very innovative and beautiful plugins by investing their talent and effort. Free plugins are not updated frequently and they do not give a good look to your website. It is necessary to stay current and updated to attract customers.
  • The premium plugins are made with sincerity and and as per your business needs. They provide better customization, which is otherwise not possible with free plugins. They have superb features to aid you in your business activities. Free plugins have limited features and you cannot experiment much with them.
  • Since they cannot be used by anyone, the uniqueness in design will always be there. He idea behind choosing a premium theme is how to make your website distinct from others. To survive in the competitive world, your website must be able to offer something unique from others, so that more and more people like to visit your site and turn into customers.
Due to the above reasons, many companies have come forward to offer WordPress plugin development services to help customers with the most innovative websites.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Killer strategy to become a skilled Wordpress plugin developer

Today plugins have become the lifeline of WordPress applications.
  • Want to add a calendar?
  •  integrate a plugin,
  •  need to improve the security quotient? add a plugin.  

A right plugin is the answer to every question pertaining to functionality of WordPress websites. If creating these powerful snippets of code excites you, then making a career in the WordPress plugin development industry can be a very good option for you.
But one thing which you must be well-aware of is the tough competition you would be facing. There hundreds and thousands of professionals across the world who have been developing  custom plugins for years. You need to have a strategy in order to become a good custom plugin developer.

First and foremost, you should be thorough with the platform of WordPress. It is like a foundation on which you’ll be building your career. So it needs to be rock solid. Secondly you should know the difference between website development and plugin development. Though both belongs to the same category, there is a huge difference in their development processes. The early you understand the disparity, the better it would be for you.

Coming to the things you should keep in mind while developing custom plugins. First step is to understand the requirements of your clients. All successful custom plugin companies in the world pay stress on client’s specification. Secondly the plugin developed by you should not pose a threat to the security of client’s website in any way. Carry out a rigorous testing to ensure that there are no bugs or any other kind of security related issues.
Last but not the least, be an active member in the online community of custom plugin designed experts.

The discussions, question and solutions you’ll get over here will make you a better professional day by day. Make it a habit to read some quality blogs, to remain in touch with the latest development being made in this field.
This strategy will help you to become renowned WordPress plugin programmer in the UK.